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Is your business still dependent on bottled water?  Relying on third-party bottle suppliers can drive down your profit margins, take away your control over water quality, and affect the overall taste and quality of your coffees!

Alxedo brings to you a smarter and more sustainable solution to this problem.


Designed for businesses such as yours, the Alxedo package offers restaurants and cafes an affordable, easy-to-use and highly profitable solution to all your water needs. Choose the Alxedo system for your business with our subscription-based model, and we take care of everything from installation to tech support and maintenance. 

The Alxedo Smart Water Purification system lets you take full control over your water supply, quality and pricing. 

As a bonus, you signal your presence as an environmentally conscious, #PlasticFree business to your customers, and can benefit from the growing community of climate-conscious consumers who care about their water quality and the environment.

Conceptualised, designed and engineered in Germany, Alxedo offers businesses and households the highest water quality comparable to glacier water from the German alps.


Alxedo employs a three-way filtration system, which filters at 0.001-0.0001 microns, removing floating particles, bacteria and viruses, as well as heavy metals. Our sensors allow you to monitor your water quality in real time – guaranteeing you peace of mind. What’s more: your business will no longer depend on plastic water bottles, cutting your carbon footprint, and helping reduce plastic pollution in your community!

The Alxedo water filtration system is easy to install and maintain – no plumbers needed! Subscribe in monthly or annual instalments and Alxedo takes care of the rest. 


Your subscription will include the entire Alxedo ecosystem, including free delivery of the filtration system guaranteeing water purified to German standards and replacement cartridges, custom Alxedo mobile application, branded water bottles, and full technical assistance and maintenance, plus the chance to be featured on the Alxedo map, and increased online visibility through the Alxedo website, blog and social media channels. 

Alxedo also offers analytical support, assisting you in monitoring your water quality, supplying you with vital insights into changes and developments in your water supply.

Why choose Alxedo?


As a business, you can save costs by switching to the Alxedo system to serve pure water to your customers. You can also use purified water to serve better quality coffees!

Offer sustainable, convenient and efficient water purification as a competitive advantage and value proposition. Unlock your financial potentials with Alxedo Water.

Alxedo offers a win-win situation for businesses as well as customers: Your guests get better water quality for a reasonable price, and your business can increase its profit margins with less operational expenditure and the environment benefits from a huge reduction in carbon dioxide emission and plastic waste.

Benefits of switching to the Alxedo water purification ecosystem

Higher profit margin


Less carbon dioxide emission

Better financial liquidity

Better water quality

No transport or storage hassles

No plastic waste


 ordering process

Better coffee quality 

Further, as an Alxedo partner, your business will benefit from increased online visibility by being featured on the Alxedo app:

Consumers across the world are getting more environmentally conscious. Across the world, customers are willing to pay more to more sustainable businesses, and have a generally more positive image of an eco-conscious company. Consumers are particularly worried about the environmental impact of plastics.

Tap into this growing market by becoming an Alxedo Partner, and being featured to the growing Alxedo community of ethical businesses and consumers.

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