The Alxedo Application and Service

Our application defines a new standard for your water consumption. We take care of you that you can take care of your water.

All in One App

Compare your water quality with other locations on a map, find a restaurant offering free Alxedo Water and track your Alxedo Smart Water Purifier.

The Best Water for You

Monitor your water quality in real-time, get all relevant data about your water consumption and let us take care of your free cartridge exchange. 


All About Your Water

Be always on top of your water quality and consumption. Get in one overview all relevant information about your purifier and consumption.

Your Water Map 

Compare your personal water quality with the quality of other Alxedo users in your surroundings to provide you with full transparency.

Enjoy Alxedo Water Everywhere

Find all restaurants which offer Alxedo Water and get all information about them. Because you deserve to enjoy the best water everywhere.

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